XanTec bioanalytics GmbH


Brief description

XanTec bioanalytics GmbH was formed in 1997 as a spin-off of the former Institute for Chemical and Biosensors Munster. The team of biosensor, bio-chip and surface specialists develop their own technologies and produce various nanobiotechnological products, which are distributed worldwide. XanTec’s core competency lies in the development and production of protein chips and biocompatible nanolayers. Twenty years of experience in the modification of substrate surfaces of glass, precious metals and plastics forms the basis for a comprehensive, unique range of products. The nanostruture monolayers of different biopolymers or low molecular substances lead to greatly reduced non-specific interactions and markedly increased immobilization capacities of treated surfaces. Through such layers, the sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio of biochips, biosensors and ELISAs is greatly improved.